What say you about the old power-plant land?

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The Bay City Partners, owners of the 10 acres near Ocean and First, have submitted a “new plan” for development.

To “What’s Up In Seal Beach” …. it looks pretty much the same as the old one.  Still a 70%-30% split…not the 75%-25% that was cast in stone several years ago by the city.  Still taking much of the land along the river for homesites.  Still offering to drop their litigation against the city if the new plan is accepted.

To many of the residents of Old Town the new plan is not new at all. They see their years of struggle to protect that land from over-development and to protect as much public access as possible for our citizens and visitors in jeopardy.

Several of our city councils over the years have adjusted the building restrictions on the 10 acre parcel in an effort to be fair to any potential developers and still protect the neighborhood.  When the present owners bought the land they were well aware of the last, and hopefully final, use restrictions.  Nothing was hidden in the purchase that we know of…and if it was perhaps they should talk to the seller.

To come and plead for additional waterfront exposure for their development many years after the fact hopefully will fall on deaf ears.  A “few more homes” translates into  “many more dollars” and also “a life time of lost access.”

The only reason the land is not a complete bluff park is that the city couldn’t afford to buy it.  To many it is a heartache that anything will be built on that beautiful piece of land.

If we take a look at our neighbor to the south, Huntington Beach, and see what they were promised by the developer of the Bolsa Chica Mesa and what they got we can understand why so many Seal Beach residents are against any change in the existing planned land use of that parcel.

We urge you all to call and/or write to our council and Mayor and tell them  exactly how you feel ..and be sure to tell them where you live!

To those on our email list we encourage you to pass this on to your friends

How to contact the City Council:

District 1 –  (Old Town & Surfside Colony) Charles Antos – 562- 431-2527 ext 1501 E-mail: mavjka2000@aol.com

District 2 – (Leisure World & College Park West) David Sloan (Mayor) 562- 431-2527 ext 1502 E-mail: sloandistrict2@dslextreme.com

District  3 –  (Hill, Coves, Bridgeport & Herron Pointe) Gordon Shanks – 562- 431-2527 ext 1503 e-mail to gorsha@aol.com

District 4 – (College Park East & Town Center) Gary Miller  562- 431-2527 ext 1504 – E-mail: miller.sb.district4@earthlink.net

District 5 –  (Leisure World) Michael Levitt – 562- 431-2527 ext 1505 E-mail: mglevitt@roadrunner.com

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